Mortgage expenses trigger claims to the Bank of Spain

The Bank of Spain recorded more than 8,000 claims in the first four months of the year, mainly due to an increase in cases related to the return of mortgage expenses, which represents a change in trend with respect to the decreases that have occurred in recent years years. In addition, the index of rectifications of the banks lowers, that in 66% of the cases they ignore the claims in which the customer is right.

Indeed, in the light of the Bank of Spain’s Report of Claims, a “negative” aspect for the institution is the reduction in the index of rectifications of the institutions, which fell to 31% of the reports favorable to the client in the related claims With soil clauses and 36.8% in all other cases. In 2016, some 5,819 resolutions were issued, of which 3,559 were favorable to the claimant and 2,010 to the entity, while in 250 cases it was not possible to issue a ruling. In addition, there were 1,938 entity raids and 58 customer withdrawals.

Thus, 71.1% of the resolutions issued ended in a sense favorable to the interests of the claimant, a percentage similar to that of years before, although there was a “significant” cut in the searches of entities, since it was 24, 8% in 2016, compared to 29.3% in 2015. Among the least rectifying banks are Bankinter, Evo, Ibercaja, Unicaja, CaixaBank, Kutxabank, Popular, Bankia and Santander. The ones that do most to the Bank of Spain are ING, BBVA, Cajamar and Sabadell.

The number of claims fell in 2016 by 28.6% over the previous year, to 14,462, which meant a continuity with previous years from the record of 34,645 complaints reached in 2013. According to the Bank of Claims Report Spain, the number of consultations was also reduced last year, both the telephone, which stood at 31,660, 11% less, and written, which were 1,935, a fall of 40.2%.

Most of the claims, 55.8%, corresponded to assets, ie loans and credits, and those related to the liquidation of mortgage loans after the disappearance of some benchmarks, with the application by Part of the entities of the measures to reinforce the protection of mortgage debtors and with the land clauses. Regarding the latter, the Bank of Spain emphasizes that they have experienced a “particularly significant” decline, from 46% in 2015 to 27%, about 3,954 in 2016.


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