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What is a real estate personal shopper?

A real estate personal shopper or buyer’s agent, is a professional that will advise and represent our client, and will solely look out for the client’s interests in the buying process or in the acquisition of a business premise. The real estate personal shopper has to possess a designation: Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), granted by NAR, after the completion of an advanced training and with a demonstrable experience in advising buyers.

How can you know whether a real estate personal shopper is a professional? 2017-05-25T09:13:48+02:00

Real estate agents granted with Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) are the only ones capable of working with a personalised method for the buyer. In addition of searching and selecting the property according to your preferences, interests and needs, they also manage the bargaining process with the seller, or with his representative, and all the transactions required before and after the sale. We carefully advise individuals to request professionals that are granted with such designation.

We recommend you further services:

La Clau Group also offer a department for construction work, with technical architects, interior designers and more professionals highly qualified that will design and execute refurbishment projects with adjusted budgets, as well as detecting potential problems and constructions faults. In short, to avoid any possible inconvenience after the acquisition of the property.

We also possess a department for legal affairs, to advise and represent our clients, but also for the management of the property, for specialised guidance in investment and bargaining… Everything you need, so that your transaction is a success.

Why should you hire a buyer’s agent? 2017-05-25T09:10:53+02:00

Until relatively recently, this service was limited to buyers with high purchasing power, however, increasingly people are trusting to professional agents the acquisition of a property. The advantages are many:

  • Saving time. Frequently properties’ descriptions for sale do not correspond with the reality. This fact results in a large loss of time for the individual who is visiting numerous houses that are not adjusted to the clients’ expectations. Buyer’s agent will discard inadequate houses and will develop reports about the houses, flats and business premises that possess the client’s needs.
  • Price saving. This can be achieved by the strong bargaining ability of the buyer’s agent, but also by the fact that he will be working solely for you. The aim is to protect the client’s interests to make the transaction the more profitable for the customer. Moreover, the personal shopper will evaluate the properties to figure out which ones are overpriced and which ones are an attractive opportunity. This price saving is what makes personal shopper a good investment.
  • Many problems are avoided thanks to their experience, such as technical, financial and legal reports…
  • Distance is no longer a problem, as La Clau Group is specialised in buyers who are not residents.

The process is very simple, you just have to indicate what type of property you desire (house, flat, loft, duplex, ground floor, business premises), the preferred location, the floor area desired, the number of bedrooms, and other characteristics, such as garden, balcony, pool or parking… As well as the price range you will be willing to pay. In short, all your needs and preferences. Once we have all these data collected, our personal shopper will start working, optimizing your time, saving money and will manage one of the most important transaction: the buying and selling procedure.

Estate personal shopper: Exclusive service La Clau Group

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Would you like to contract a Home Hunter?

In La Clau Group we provide this exclusive service that will make your life easier, since the personal shopper will be in charge of the buying process of your property, such as:

  • Airport pick-up
  • Search of an accommodation for your stay
  • Search of a school for your children
  • Planning touristic activities

Moreover, the personal shopper will manage to find a property based exclusively on your preferences and chosen characteristics, and will accompany you to visit the properties with the ideal conditions. Request here your Home Hunter.