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Discover La Clau’s Group History

La Clau Group was born as Fincas La Clau in 1982. The professional background of its founder, Josep Ferré, has always been linked to the real estate sector. With only 22 years old, he opened his first office, located in the number 1 of the central street of San Francisco in Sitges. He is passionate

Josep Ferré: Fundador y redactor de la historia de La Clau Group.

Josep Ferré: Fundador de La Clau Group

about his work and the delivery of excellent services, that is why he decided to follow a high quality strategy by investing in the best training and the latest technology, and as a result these are the pillars of the company: a valuable team of qualified professionals and the most innovative tools for real estate marketing. While he was opening more offices he expanded the services offered: holiday rental, in-house legal department, insurance, decoration and refurbishments, luxury properties, investment and business consultants…

Strong advocate of professional ethics, Josep Ferré is co-founder of MLS AicatGarraf (important real estate association of Garraf region) and member of the main professional associations. Moreover he is recognized with the most prestigious accreditations both nationals and internationals.

With the expansion of services, La Clau a real estate agency turned to a group, LA CLAU GROUP, with two offices in Sitges, the little office where the founder started the business and the main office, located in the ground floor and first floor of a central building belonging to the early XIX century. The new opening office in Andorra has been the first step toward the international expansion of RentSeason, the brand within La Clau Group that gathers services related to the holiday rental.