They have already reached the age of majority, and in that short space of time, they grew, adapted and survived.

Technologically they went from using the Betamax video, (which SONY so much promoted in the early 70’s) to VHS, then migrated to DVD, Blu-Ray and also navigated fluidly between streaming applications. They used all kinds of mobile phones to communicate with their friends, even mastering the so-called smartphones, without which today it seems “unthinkable” to understand life. They stopped using diskettes, and started burning CDs, or saving information on USB or hard disks of several terabytes and then the almost futuristic storage in “The Cloud”. They were the first generation born in the Internet age.

These changes occurred in barely two decades and the millennials learned to adapt.

As Michael Crichton wrote for Jurassic Park:
“Life always makes its way”

Millennials, born at the beginning of the new millennium, according to some modern anthropologists between 1980 and 2000, are a generation characterized by hyperconnection, the need to express themselves, interest in financial reality, health, aesthetics, immediacy and the constant search for new and intense experiences. And today, they already know enough to be the new trend topics, the trendsetters, the new voices on modernity and avant-garde.

Previous generations despised them because, among other things, they did not understand them. But with tenacity and a permanent conviction or certainty of knowing where they are headed, millennials have become a place in today’s society.
Generation Y has followed Generation X, (60s – 79s), which in turn preceded the so-called “baby boom” generation.

There is no chronological line or universal range accepted as a tool to calculate where each one starts and ends. Generation X was the one that drove the technological revolution and the so-called electronic devices. But I know that despite this they enjoy (we enjoy) more to go out, meet with friends and develop outdoor activities, reading, walking, cycling or skateboarding and playing a game of pool instead of holding on for long hours to a computer game.

At La Clau Group we have specialized in treating and satisfying all kinds of generations. Our offer of quality properties exceeds the time barrier and covers a multitude of demands at all times. Welfare is timeless and unites us in the same objective, that of the home and of the comfortable, attractive and durable equipment.


If my father read this article, he would probably think that he belongs to the Jurassic, although his generation was that of resistance, which survived a war that none of us would endure today, children of anger, ethics and morality. An operator in a factory with a number on the uniform, with ilusions and dreams similar to ours

Times are changing and those who viewed millennials with skepticism have surrendered to the evidence; they are the ones who are best prepared to face the digital age. Perhaps for this reason the Generation Company has set its sights on “young people” with this profile.

 Generation is the first initiative of the large McKinsey Social Initiative (MSI) international labor exchange, a non-profit organization founded by McKinsey & Company.
Generation is present in 5 countries: USA, India, Mexico, Kenya and also here in Spain. Its main objective is to combat youth unemployment through the training of unemployed young people for their insertion in the world of work.
McKinsey decided to bet on this generation, the millennials, which he called Geners (gender). This new batch of young people fully adapted to the modern era and digital platforms have been forming in areas that markets need for their growth. At the moment, both SMEs and Startups (emerging companies) lack staff prepared to cover digital marketing trends, which are on the rise today, as well as web development, specific marketing for ‘mobile’ and data analysis in the market of digital environment.

The millennials have found their new shoes where they fit perfectly and they already go to the technical offices and management meetings dressed in their comfortable casual style, somewhat grunge hairstyles. A stream of fresh air.

Laura, 25 years old, from Barcelona explains her experience. She trained in digital marketing and shared her impressions in an interview for

“All available job opportunities that I have seen have an important virtual component. This course is exactly what I need to complement my knowledge and adapt to the labor market. What I love about digital marketing is that I can collaborate with people from all over, be creative and provide innovative solutions

At La Clau Group we admire all those people who are capable of adapting and growing, of being creative and providing innovative solutions. For this reason our team is formed by professionals with an open attitude to the needs of our customers, to be able to adapt to their requirements and circumstances, to understand them and to offer them the best option, the best home, the home they had always dreamed of.

We do not simply do our work, we make friends. And this is in itself our greatest satisfaction.





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