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Decoration and alterations

We have an excellent team of architects, interior designers and other professionals who advise on the aesthetic and structural changes that boost your property by increasing its value.

Our team of professionals will help you prepare your property to impress potential buyers, facilitating the sale / rent and increasing its value. They will study each case to ensure that, with the smallest possible investment, you get the most out of your property. Offering a personalized treatment, advising you at all times on the best options for your project, in terms of materials, constructive solutions and decoration. We take care of everything, we solve any eventuality that could arise, without complications or problems for our clients.

For your peace of mind, at La Clau Deco & Reforms, we take care of everything. From requesting and processing all necessary permits to design and execute the work.

Our main objective is to offer our clients a fast, professional and top quality service. That is why we put at the service of our clients, a solid human team, with extensive experience in the sector and in constant training.