For some time, more than fifty years, the books and travel portals consider Sitges the village overlooking the sea. Like a capricious girl resting on the prow of a ship called nostalgia, the white Subur, as the Romans used to call it centuries ago, continues to maintain its blue flag of excellence along a coastline that is confident and open to the great blue. A coast bordered by 17 unique beaches, each with its character and uniqueness, and as a strategic enclave of outdoor activity, barefoot in the sand, the sound of waves and summer music.

Beach tourism, however, has evolved over the years. The different activities that are practiced today have advanced to new sports: snorkeling, diving, flysurfing, beach volleyball, sailing, a wide range of beach bars at sunset and even wedding ceremonies of white linen and cotton.

In any case, the immensity of the sea offers a suitable and often endearing framework for our choice of summer activities. At La Clau Group in Sitges, we are aware of how much we expect throughout the year to enjoy a well-deserved rest and how a hasty or ill-advised choice of our place of residence can ruin our best expectations. For this reason we propose to all those who visit us for the first time, that they trust us and our love for the town of Sitges to put at their disposal an enthusiastic and involved team, with a keen sense of professionalism.

We are in a municipality that we know well, because it is part of our culture and way of understanding life. We are passionate about the beach and the terraces bathed by the sun, the Mediterranean cuisine and the smell of sand dotted with salt. And that is why we always strive to offer the best.

One of our favorite beaches is the beach Sant Sebastià, blue flag and twinned with the beach of La Concha in the Basque Country. In this attractive family place we can find many establishments, all of them dedicated to the Mediterranean gastronomy or as a refreshing bar and cocktail bar. The European Federation of Environmental Education [FEE] analyzes the quality of bathing water every year, as well as that of sand, safety, services and facilities. Environmental management also promoted by local organizations such as the Association of Environmental and Consumer Education [ADEG]. Each season they carry out an arduous research work to determine and guarantee that natural elements and services meet the highest health requirements. Both organisms have awarded Sant Sebastià beach the prestigious award for excellence in terms of quality and equipment: the blue flag and official quality certificate. Spain is the country with the most blue flags in the world, during the year 2018 a total of 590 beaches and 101 marinas have been awarded, among which are the 3 marinas of Sitges; Aiguadolç, C.N. Garraf and Port Ginesta.


For years it has been said that tourism in Sitges no longer has the same glamor and quality as before, however some guests are willing to pay more than 3,000 euros for their 2-week stay.

It is true that the Pau Casals highway has shortened distances, and many visitors also make their way by train. They are tourists of refrigerator, family size containers and snacks that do not leave much benefit in local establishments, but in their own way, they are also in love with the town of Sitges and usually return. They are not the only ones who are attracted by the life and customs of our municipality, and this has been contributed by the gastronomic offer in the first line of coast, which has not only increased, but is of more quality. The rise of the culture of good eating has in turn boosted a demanding and sybaritic tourism, which is no longer satisfied with the typical traditional cuisine. New dishes are being created, more creative and flavors that can compete without fear with the gastronomic proposals of the rest of Europe. Only the offer of rice, fideuá, bouillons and native recipes is almost inexhaustible and able to satisfy the most refined palates. All this, of course well watered with the cold, aromatic and delicious wines and cavas from our neighboring regions

When customers come to us to find a home in Sitges, at La Clau Group we are aware of how much this responsibility implies. We are proud that they have set their attention on our town, with its customs, traditions, playful and cultural offers and dreamlike landscapes. Therefore, we understand that we offer much more than the comforts and the real estate comfort that characterizes us, we are offering a new way of life. A new way of understanding wellness, walks on the beach with sunsets and unforgettable sunrises. Popular parties that always thrill us and universal ambiances for all trends and tastes.

Sitges has its own natural habitat, product of a soft microclimate to the protection from the Garraf Natural Park. Its unique light has inspired hundreds of artists, photographers and writers of all times.


As published by Lluís Permanyer i Lladós in the prologue to:


“There are multiple Sitges, the one of the sitgetans and …., the one of visitors …, the summer and the winter …, but in all …, there is a small obsession that, stimulated by the good weather and the famous microclimate of which it enjoys, as well as its proximity to Barcelona and its outstanding cultural heritage, makes the town always full of people who for one reason or another, are determined to “get lost” by Sitges. Take long walks through the streets and walks of our town, scenarios that have little to do with the small fishing village that Santiago Rusiñol first saw during the month of November 1891.

If you are looking for a place to “get lost”, at La Clau Group we recommend Sitges. Thousands of tourists visit us every year, and so many people cannot be wrong. We will be happy to welcome you at our offices, located in the heart of the village, to offer you the best place to live on vacation or throughout the year.

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