The ‘eternal’ project BCN World enters a new final straight for its definitive launch

New meeting to know what happens with the recreational and leisure project BCN World that, between some things and others, has been embarrancado for five years. Now, the consortium of the Vila-Seca and Salou Recreation and Tourism Center (CRT) has agreed a new calendar that will lead to the determination of the company that will lead BCN World.

The movements initiated at the end of December 2016, when this consortium approved with 24 votes in favor of the urban plan of the project, despite not fulfilling the agreement of investiture between Junts Pel Sí and the CUP to stop the plan of the previous one Catalan government. The winner of the contest should have met last March, but a final delay in the calendar again postponed the terms.

On that last occasion the reason was because the companies that participated in the contest (Hard Rock, Melco and Grup Peralada) did not deliver the sketches in time. The Generalitat explained that these companies wanted to extend the timetable. The companies, for their part, said that they were designing projects that had to be implemented in phases, somewhat in disagreement with the CRT plan.

Now it is known that there are four companies competing to head the macroresort annexed to Port Aventura World, but for now the candidates will be kept secret, according to Lluís Salvadó, secretary of the Treasury of the Government, but everything indicates that they will be the Themselves. This same yes advanced that they have designated to the public organism Incasòl (acronym in Catalan of the Catalan Institute of the Soil) the task of urban transformation to be constructed, as well as the development of the external infrastructures.

This work will be carried out in parallel to the resolution of the competition, once the company is known, and will only be the company that buys the land, currently owned by CriteriaCaixa. And here is the cause of this final sprint: in October, the option to purchase those hectares that Fainé agreed with the Generalitat ends. Hence the urgency of closing a definitive calendar.

Thus, before June 30, bids must be submitted for the competition for the operation and installation of casinos. The information they must provide is both the project and the business and economic guarantees, complying with the rules of the competition. On that day the valuation table will have the documentation and will open the first envelope delivered with the candidate companies.
Subsequently, the second envelope, which includes the technical coordinates of the projects, will be opened on July 10. That is, the architectural proposal, the economic-financial study or other similar aspects. From that moment they have 45 days to analyze the offers presented.

As of August 24, the award will be made public, but the director of the Incasòl, Damià Calvet, has advanced that on September 1, the winner must be known as “deadline.” And October is a limit for the company elected Buy the land at CriteriaCaixa, and from now on it will only be possible to determine the day the cranes arrive in Vila-Seca and Salou to build 745,000 square meters of building land for hotels, leisure and congresses, shopping centers and casinos.



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