The real estate market continues to grow in prices, profitability and confidence

The average price of new and used housing in comparison with the last year, grew in Spain an average of 4.3%, placing the square meter at € 1,532.

These data confirm the trend that had been observed in the five previous periods and consolidates the good market situation.

As usual, the behavior of prices has not been uniform throughout the country, according to the average values ​​per province, the highest prices have occurred in Barcelona and Guipúzcoa and the lowest in Badajoz and Ciudad Real.

If we take as reference the last two years of growth we can see how since April 2016 this increase in prices accelerates until April 2018. Thus, the annual change in prices goes from 2.5% in April 2017 to 4 , 3% in April 2018.

Regarding the average volume of transactions, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Works, it remains substantially the same as last year and continues to experience growth that is much higher than that observed in prices.

The report “Trends in the real estate sector” of the Appraisal Society also includes a study of confidence in the sector through the opinion of more than 700 professionals. The perspective and expectation of these professionals is very optimistic about all aspects of the market such as the sale of habitual residence, price evolution and stock reduction.

Meanwhile, the state of the rental market also continues to rise, increasing its prices. By provinces, Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands and Madrid are in the lead in the promotion of these rental prices.

However, the most outstanding data regarding the rent, is the increase in its profitability, which places the average of the first quarter by provinces at 8.2%.

The option of purchase destined to the rent continues being one of the most attractive investment options at present in practically all Spain although being Madrid, Valencia and Seville occupy the national podium

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