If something has revealed modern anthropology is that although 3,000 years have passed, we still have the same concerns of our ancestors: a natural desire to receive love and feel loved, the loyalty of our friends, a sense of achievement and a reasonable measure of well-being and happiness. What some have come to call “Quality of Life“.

It is evident that in the current society in which we live, the concept of happiness is increasingly fragile and brittle; constantly threatened by problems of all kinds: health, economic, disappointments and truncated purposes …, happiness is often a dim light buried by tons of darkness, a utopia for naive.

In the midst of all this debacle of broken dreams, sometimes a free thinker arises that pushes us to question all the above, this is the case of Mo Gawdat, engineer, entrepreneur, co-founder of more than 20 companies and author of a mathematical formula for live happy.

As a great coach, the author publishes the results of his studies in the book entitled: “The algorithm of happiness”, editorial Zenith:

  “I only allow happy or useful thoughts to my brain.”

An intimist and reflective work, by the way, exhausted in most of the online books selling portals.


Some have defined it as: “An ordered set of systematic operations that allows us to make a calculation and find the solution to a type of problem”.

A calculation to solve problems … What if those problems were real instead of a simple exercise of notebook?

After countless hours of research, Gawdat finally discovered an equation based on the brain’s ability to absorb and process joy and sadness. It is a method to manage and prevent disappointment.

Some time later, the results of their investigations had to face a very hard test, and this time it would not be on the back of a laboratory.

When his son, Ali, died unexpectedly as a result of a medical error in an intervention for appendicitis, both he and the rest of his family devoted themselves to survive the loss, and for that they took refuge in what they knew; the Gawdat equation. They desperately needed to recover from the tragedy and gradually, what at first seemed like a simple statement of good intentions, a theory of placebo effect, was taking shape in their lives. They were the first guinea pigs to try the algorithm.

After getting away from the devastating effects of the sadness and impotence that the loss meant, Gawdat decided that he would share what he had learned, his algorithm with the rest of the world and that he would focus on helping as many people as possible to be happier, even in the worst circumstances.

A rough way, the equation says:
Happiness is equal to or greater than the events of your life less expectations of how they should be. Events are not the difference, but the comparison with what you want your life to be.

Mo Gawdat had spent most of his professional career at the service of three technology monsters and trend topics from around the world: IBM, Microsoft and Google.

He is currently one of the most popular executives of Google X and advises many influencers on how to improve the world, make good decisions and find balance.

Gawdat believes fervently in what he does, and for this reason he has given many conferences throughout the world. His main interest has been to share the results of his research and show the beneficial effect of not giving up, he is a charismatic speaker who inspires thousands of people of all ages.

As the war correspondent and American writer Rose Wilder Lane once said:
“Happiness is something that enters our lives through doors that I do not even remember leaving open.”


This small reference about the works of Mo Gawdat, leads us to a simple reflection; Happiness is still so necessary that some have searched fervently until finding it hidden among algorithms, an ancient philosophy to solve problems. Wherever we look for it, the truth is that in our Real Estate Agency La Clau Group in Sitges we have lived it up close. Drawn in the smiling smile of our customers when they receive the key to their new home, the house of their dreams.

Acquiring a new property will not miraculously disappear our worries, but it is a good start, a new way of resetting and leaving behind everything that has never helped us improve.

Shaping what will be your home is a very special experience that can make us feel happy. Create new environments, relive our first time in privacy, help us remember, invite our friends and make our microworld continue to grow.


by Manuel Julián  for La CLAU GROUP

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